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3ply Surgical Masks – PPE – FDA Approved – Sold by the Case

$429.99 $379.99

2,000 Masks per case $0.49 Per Mask

FDA Approved, Disposable 3 ply surgical masks.

This item is sold by the case. There are 2,000 masks per case. Each case has 40 boxes where each box contains 50 masks.  BFE is > 99%. Excellent product to protect yourself and stop the spreading of COVID-19.

***11 cases in stock, can ship out same day if an order is received by 1:30pm Est***

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  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION Our protective face masks are made from high quality non-woven fabric which has increased filtration of fluids in air compared to woven cloth. 3 layers of protection helps filter microbes from entering and exiting mask while maintaining smooth breathability
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE The inner fabric is made of a soft absorbent poly, non-woven fabric that won’t irritate your face while wearing the mask. Elastic ear strap loops are strong, rounded for comfort, and slip easily over your ears. One size fits all.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO USE Our lightweight pleated facemask is made with a shapeable nosepiece that contours to any face and creates a light seal around your face. quality non-woven fabric allows for effortless breathing while you’re at work, on a walk, food shopping, or running essential errands. Replace mask every 2 hours for best protection to ensure moisture from breathe doesn’t dampen mask
  • LAYERS OF PROTECTION Outside hydrophobic non-woven layer helps to prevent fluids from entering the mask. Middle melt blow filtration layer provides high level static filtration effectively preventing micro dust and contaminants from entering. Inner layer fabric is made of a soft absorbent non-woven fabric that will not irritate your face
  • BOX OF 50 MASKS enclosed in a poly bag to ensure delivered free of contaminants.
  • FDA Approved



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