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KN95 Mask 1000 per case

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This KN95 Mask is a formidable weapon in the fight against CoronaVirus in that these KN95 Masks have similar filtration standards as N95 Masks.   The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has approved KN95 masks as authorized in the place of N95 masks for the response to COVID19. KN95 masks are rated to capture at least 95% of tiny particles in the air.

  • 5 layer protective face mask
  • 2 Non-woven layers, 2 Melt Blown 25g each layer,1 Hot air cotton layer
  • The KN95 provides a High level of filtration, 95% minimum
  • Easy to wear with simple ear loop hooks
  • Resealable bag for your convenience
  • Adjustable nose bridge aids in effective sealing and comfort


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